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Leslie Tripathy (also known as Lezlie Tripathy) is an Indian actress who mainly appears in music videos and Bollywood. In 2014, Tripathy debuted in the Hindi film industry with W, directed by Tarun Madan Chopr

Tripathy is the first child of Dr. Sailendra Narayan Tripathy, a professor in English and Ashoka Tripathy, a teacher in English literature. Tripathy has a younger brother, Shakespeare King, who is a model turned actor. She studied journalism from Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. She has written articles and has campaigned in for women's rights[citation needed]. Before entering into the Bollywood industry, Tripathy was active in the Oriya film industry, including videos and some films.

In 2008, Tripathy sought police protection from Raja Acharya who was stalking her. It was alleged that Biranchi Das also intervened to stop the stalker, and that he was killed as a result.

Tripathy has received eight Governor Awards, State Rajiv Gandhi Samaan, Youth Icon Award, Fun Fearless Female Icon for her respective excellence in Academics and contribution to Arts, Culture, Social Service, Activism against Injustice and Women's Rights.
Tripathy started her Bollywood career with the 2014 film W, playing the character of Roohi Malik, a rape victim. Currently, she is active in the Tamil and Telugu film industry.She appeared in her first Telugu debut movie Chusinodiki Chusinantha, starring with Sivaji.

Other projects
Leslie has been signed as the youth ambassador for Mahanadi Surakshya Yojana